Woh, I was almost hit by this clown Sunday and he crashed right behind my business then ran into the field it backs up to! I was leaving my shop Sunday in our tow rig and he cut a low-speed corner and we came nose to nose. I slammed down on the brakes and we missed eachother by inches otherwise my 3/4 ton suburban… » 4/15/15 10:48pm Wednesday 10:48pm

You're kind of an idiot, huh? I own a lowered truck "of no value"; in its current configuration it has towed 6k lbs, autoxed, run 13.4s, hauled equipment for my previous land-scaping business, hauled a yard of mulch for the same business, served as a family hauler and currently hauls motors/rearend and the like around… » 3/17/15 8:35pm 3/17/15 8:35pm

I own a shop in San Antonio and this one is sitting in my lot right now. The customer came in and told me an animal had eaten the wiring on their latemodel vehicle, no biggie it happens. This deal is special because they had paid another shop to repair it already, when they went to go start the motor to leave the shop… » 3/04/15 1:54pm 3/04/15 1:54pm

The international motoring press took to the last GT because it was the "every-mans" supercar, at $100k it wasbt really but it was a relative bargin. This...why? It's going to be introduced into a field crowded with established players, V12s and multi-turbo V8s with nothing to differentiate it. The GT40 was "David vs… » 3/03/15 4:08pm 3/03/15 4:08pm

Jesus, fucking world now has me (a relatively conservative person) arguing on Hamilton's side against a bunch of Gawker regulars? Those of you blaming this problem on the current crop of 24-30 yearolds have zero fucking grip on reality. My generation (I am 29) spent the entire time we where in school (preK-12) getting… » 2/18/15 2:26pm 2/18/15 2:26pm

You have very little grasp of the truth behind the history you speak of. Southern whites where of a relatively young brand of Protestant that disavowed much of the New Testament for the fire and brimstone of the Old Testament. Southern hate groups pair up under the banners of Southern Baptists and the like and use the… » 2/03/15 3:03pm 2/03/15 3:03pm

Veyr nicely done, I started doing exactly this when I was 15 and at 29 I own a small restoration and service shop, most of which I owe to flipping cars just like this. Bodywork in the driveway and engine swaps in the garage, long nights swapping head gaskets out on 305s before going to HS the next day, it was all a… » 1/27/15 6:57pm 1/27/15 6:57pm

I owned a BHPH lot for 7 years and finally got out of it earlier this year because I didn't have the stomach for repos anymore. What my senses where exposed to I could handle, what my soul was exposed to put me out of business. A guy whose wife died and he couldn't afford the payments but had no other way to get… » 1/03/15 10:45pm 1/03/15 10:45pm

"Face it"? Ha, Putin has managed to piss away half the value of the ruble playing Mexican standoff with the least competent American president since Carter, what are us Americans facing again? America and one piss-ant country in the Middle East have together managed to turn Russia BACK into a third world country in… » 12/28/14 12:13am 12/28/14 12:13am

No, it's actually a very reliable car (as someone who as worked on both XLRs and Northstars) as it is actually just a supercharged Northstar (reliable with a few tweeks) in a Corvette chassis. People who talk badly about them typically don't know a whole lot about the cars and just bash them based on the idea that… » 12/25/14 5:57pm 12/25/14 5:57pm

Are you making this up literally as you type it? Subprime auto loans have been a major market force since early 2009 when CfC caused a spike in the value of lower-end used cars at the exact same time people both didn't have down payments and couldn't afford their previous car notes anymore. These aren't big time… » 12/16/14 9:47pm 12/16/14 9:47pm