I couldn't agree more; across political affiliations, races, and religions we must acknowledge that without our laws we are no longer "us". There is a very good reason most of the civilized world followed the evolution of political thinking we embraced in the 1700's, we shouldn't ignore that. » 8/18/14 10:40pm Monday 10:40pm

Yes, now do you understand why people are standing up with guns on their hips to push back? The powers that be have successfully segregated the American population so whites and blacks can not stand up together and fight back, it is time to stop being white and black and start being free together! » 8/14/14 8:42am Thursday 8:42am

You have a tenuous grasp on reality at best. "The West" (you mean whites) didn't deliver poverty to the Middle East, the Middle East has sustained poverty quiet nicely on it's own for milenia. This is almost as saying "The Whites" invented slavery in the Middle East, Pharoah would like to have a work with you history… » 8/11/14 8:53pm 8/11/14 8:53pm

Or...you could ask someone who has been there before. I am an entrepreneur, I haven't drawn a paycheck in over 5 years and over the past 10 years have started 3 businesses. I let my first business (light construction, yards, etc) go so I could go to school to get a "good job". I started my second business (carlot) in… » 8/08/14 9:05pm 8/08/14 9:05pm

NASCAR's next "race" should be to keep the tracks and people that built NASCAR alive. Local racetracks all over America are closing weekly because motorsports sponsorship has become so top-heavy. NASCAR should run 4 races a season from each division at local tracks that either recently closed or are on the verge of… » 7/23/14 2:14pm 7/23/14 2:14pm

I own a repair/restoration shop in TEXAS and am a hardcore GM guy and from what I've seen this issue is far bigger than anything else GM is dealing with right now. Yes, I will grant that modern brake systems take a lot of the danger out of having a single brake line fail but I've seen trucks where a number of lines… » 7/08/14 8:15pm 7/08/14 8:15pm

Hey, I've seen your commenting and since this thread seems a little slower paced wanted to ask you a question, what's the solution? I have considered myself to side more with the Israelis until recently but after reading http://ifamericansknew.org and getting the opinions of Westernized Jews my views are beginning to… » 7/06/14 7:08pm 7/06/14 7:08pm