I own a repair/restoration shop in TEXAS and am a hardcore GM guy and from what I've seen this issue is far bigger than anything else GM is dealing with right now. Yes, I will grant that modern brake systems take a lot of the danger out of having a single brake line fail but I've seen trucks where a number of lines… » 7/08/14 8:15pm 7/08/14 8:15pm

Hey, I've seen your commenting and since this thread seems a little slower paced wanted to ask you a question, what's the solution? I have considered myself to side more with the Israelis until recently but after reading http://ifamericansknew.org and getting the opinions of Westernized Jews my views are beginning to… » 7/06/14 7:08pm 7/06/14 7:08pm

Buy and read the book he linked dimwit, those who worked at concentration camps chose to do so. Concentration camps where staffed by members of the SS which was a voluntary portion of the services, no one was "assigned" SS just like no one is assigned special forces or the like. » 6/18/14 9:39pm 6/18/14 9:39pm

You don't really know much about the world, do you? The allied forces that are glorified in the above text ended the reign of "weapons of murder and oppression". Millions of Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Blacks and so on where slaughtered at the hands of the Third Reich and the people and machines of D-Day ended that.… » 6/06/14 9:59pm 6/06/14 9:59pm

I'm a southern, white, conservative male and from MY perspective I agree with 100%. White kids that grew up in the suburbs saying "nigga" sound moronic and out of touch while black or white or anyone that grew up in rougher areas where that slang is prevelant can get away with it. Many other things have the same… » 5/14/14 9:13pm 5/14/14 9:13pm

People used to be able to pick cars out based on shape or sound, they could identify with cars running engines with the same blocks as the pacecar. Now though all the cars look and sound the same, there is no variety or sense of engagement with the cars. Give the cars engines based on production heads and block;… » 5/13/14 11:45pm 5/13/14 11:45pm